3 Honest Reasons You Want a Wedding Planner

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I teamed up with wedding planners Nora + Lorinda of NoLo Wedding & Events to write about the true + honest benefits of having a wedding planner. Between Lorinda’s bodacious energy and Nora’s thoughtful demeanor, friendship with them is instantaneous and their joy is sincerely contagious. It’s no doubt that their success in the wedding planning field is rooted in their we’ve-been-friends-since-we-were-five relationship. Their big blue+green eyes, bubbly laughter, and warming smiles make you feel like you’ve known them just as long as they’ve known each other. While the rain splashed against our window we pitter-pattered with wedding talk. The result? This beautiful baby.


 3 Honest Reasons You Want a Wedding Planner


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1. Let them be guests

You’ve shelled out time + thought on every person in attendance on your wedding day, including your bestie. She shouldn’t be running around like a headless chicken picking wildflowers because the florist never showed while you slip on your dress without her! Let your family and bridal party join your guests and be just that – guests! “When a couple doesn’t have a planner, those tasks tend to fall on the Maid of Honor, Sisters or Moms,” says Nora, “and that’s a lot of stress and responsibility to put on someone who didn’t sign up for that job!” Relieve your close ones of the planning & emergency burdens before + during your wedding day. Let them have their cake and eat it, too!


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2. “Insurance” for your wedding plans

A wedding planner will see to it that your unique vision rises into fruition. Oh and that those emergency snafus don’t hammer away at that process! Your wedding planner will orchestrate the symphony of all of your details, decorations + emergencies, and act as a filter to grant you a day of harmony. Lorinda states, “you’ll be set free with a peace of mind that your dream is going to come true by people you trust – us!” Don’t be shelling out a piece of your mind on the day of your beautiful celebration, go ahead and guarantee yourself a peace of mind by hiring a wedding planner.




3. Culled knowledge & experience

If you’re getting married it’s likely that this is your first time around the block. One way not to get burned? Listen to your wedding planner. “When we sit down to chat with our couples we can typically list off the vendors that are going to gel with their personalities and bring their vision to life,” says Lorinda. Your wedding planners have worked with herds of vendors and know which DJs are going to amp up the snoring side of your family, which photographer is going to capture the twinkle in Grammy’s eye as you slow dance, and which bakery is going to have that specific pink raspberry sponge cake you’ve dreamed of since you were 4 and a half. Not to mention your planners will also have a gold mine of insider tips + tricks on sticking to your budget!


4. Bonus Reason!

Because there are literally over 27 reasons and we had to slip one more in. You’ll have someone to cater to your needs all night! They’ll keep your hand stocked with a whiskey+coke, keep your snotty nephew’s hands away from your lacey dress, and hunt down those bacon-wrapped oysters that waitress just walked passed you with. “We take care of the details and let you + your newlywed spouse enjoy your celebration!”


It’s no secret that wedding coordinators handle it all. And now it’s no secret why you need one!


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