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Hey! It’s Hunter here, Victoria’s husband. This morning I felt compelled to drop a note on her blog because today is her birthday and I wanted to appreciate her a bit!

When I met Victoria 8 years ago, it didn’t take long for me to notice her in a crowded room. She is beautiful, caring, full of laughter, and brings joy to the lives of others. Recently, two pieces of Victoria’s personality have really stuck out to me: her humility & her boldness.

Speaking to her humility, Victoria and I were at a gathering last week where I met some of her old college friends. They said, “I knew Victoria was smart but I didn’t even realize how smart until her face popped up on the jumbotron at graduation and she was walking across the stage to shake hands with Vice President Biden.” What Victoria will never tell you is that she graduated a semester early with a 4.0 in Kinesiology at the University of Delaware – a school with graduating classes of over 4,500 people. She was on track to go to the top Physical Therapy school and continue her academic success. Then in a courageous and bold decision, she traded it all to pursue life as a wedding photographer. She abandoned her comfort zone and trekked into unexplored wilderness.

Fueled by faith in God and a passion for art, people, and the marriage of the two (no pun intended) she now gets to live out her dream by taking photos of brides and grooms that become her close friends. I’m proud to work alongside Victoria serving our wonderful clients and I’m proud to witness the smiles she creates wherever she goes.

Eight years ago when people wondered what we were doing dating at such a young age (we were 15 & 17) I knew one day I wanted to marry this girl. Boy, am I a lucky one.

– Hunter (proud husband)

baby Victoria & Hunter // 2008

Annapolis Wedding Photographers

older Victoria & Hunter (still rocking boats together) // 2015

Annapolis Wedding Photographers


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