Sunrise Engagement In Ocean City New Jersey With Their Dog Daisy || Casey & Anthony

It’s a special sentiment to photograph two people in love who’ve been dear friends in my life for many years. Casey & Anthony & I go back to college days where we shared many laughs, study sessions, and annual kickball tournaments. Casey & I were roommates our last year and bonded even more over the ridiculousness of life with our two v strange roommates. After graduation, these two wonderful folks began dating and it was everything I could have hoped for. Now they’re engaged & I’m thrilled to photograph their love! Ocean City, NJ has a sweet spot in their lives, Casey’s grown up going to her family’s house right on the water & now Anthony’s joined in the memories. After spending the night walking the boardwalk and eating Manco & Manco’s pizza we woke up before the sun and headed right for the pastel-soaked beach with their sweet & goofy dog Daisy. Once Daisy’s paws hit the sand she bolted around in zig-zagged circles making me laugh so hard when I saw her contorted shapes on my camera. So now they’re here for you to enjoy :). Casey & Anthony, I’m so happy for you guys & the path that brought you to one another. I can’t wait for the adventures ahead & to get down with you guys on the dance floor in May!

Earthy Beachy Engagement Vibes At Calvert Cliffs || Cate & Kyle

What a grand adventure, indeed. Discovering new places with chill adventurous couples is hands-down one of the best parts of my job. Cate & Kyle are two absolutely wonderful, funny, and down-to-earth folks who make you feel warm inside, like old friends. When Cate suggested going to Calvert Cliffs for their engagement session, I was 1000% in. We hiked (“Maryland hiked”) 2 miles out to the cliffed shoreline through the forest of trees while dodging jumping frogs under our feet & stepping twice over a snake flickering its tongue. lolllz. We took our chances on a doomed forecast calling for heavy thunderstorms & just powered through the forest on a mission to beat the rain. And ohhh man it was perfect. Before the rain came Cate & Kyle danced & splashed in the bay waters, curled up in swaying tall beachy grasses, and balance beamed over driftwood. As the daylight lingered, the rain started sprinkling and added even more romantic vibes to our sweet adventure. As we began to head back to our cars, the dark storm clouds rolled in & we navigated our two mile hike back in the dark of night with our cell phone flashlights laughing the whole way. Now that’s how you nail an outdoorsy engagement session. Cate & Kyle, thanks for being great optimistic adventure friends! I hope your move up to Vermont & all of the craziness of life is treating you well!

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