Cabin Getaway || A Deep Breath

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Sometimes life calls us to take a deep breath. To clear our heads and mark the space between one moment and another. Life was calling Hunter and I to deep breathe so we packed up our car and drove hours to the Selman family cabin in the woods. The cabin is enveloped in forestry with tall trees and vast ferns and placed right along the most beautiful aromatic creek with a waterfall. Life was moving rapidly back in Annapolis. Without a warning it had left us hyper-focused on work, schedules, and to-do lists, leaving our friendship and marriage on the bottom of the list. We knew it was time to take a pause to quiet ourselves and let our souls wander together. A pause with no electricity, no cell service, no distractions, and plenty of hours in the day. And oh-so-perfectly this pause fell on our one year celebration of our engagement! Hunter proposed at this cabin just up the creek on the night of the biggest super moon I’ve ever seen. And this weekend was a refresh. Our days were filled with rhythmic rainfall, candle burning, fresh fruit, card games, hikes, and screened-in-porch relaxation. I hope you might too find a time for a deep breath in the way you need, quieting yourself long enough to find the space to hear.



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