Can you tell me more about a first-look?


A first-look is a simple moment when a bride + groom see each other before their marriage ceremony. Whether you choose to have a first-look or not is completely your decision and is worth giving thought to both sides. With a first-look you can choose to take all of your photos before your ceremony. A few pros: it lends to a much more relaxed day, your hair + makeup are fresh, you get to spend more time together with your groom during the day, and you can enjoy {gasp!} your cocktail hour.

While you might be able to tell that I happen to love first-looks {I’m totally biased because that’s what Hunter + I did for our wedding}, there is certainly beauty in the tradition of waiting until your ceremony. You might be concerned that it will lessen the importance of his reaction to you walking down the aisle and that is something you will want to discuss in the making of your decision. I found such enjoyment in separating the first reaction and the moment I got married. We got to experience both emotion-filled moments {and Hunter still cried when I walked down aisle ;) }. Your wedding should reflect your personalities. It’s totally up to you and we support whatever you choose!

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