How long will photos take on my wedding day?


I am glad you asked! For a general idea of your photography start time, start 1.5 hours before you leave your prep location. When we chat, we can draft a timeline for your day and define a more specific start & end time.

Each wedding is very different in regards to timing but here is the minimum time we suggest for each event. Please please please remember to schedule extra travel time between locations. For a sample timeline see the next question :)


Preparation + Portraits

  • Rings, Dress, Shoes + Details – 45 minutes
  • Makeup & Hair Touchups – 15 minutes
  • Getting Dressed & Bridal Portrait – 45 minutes
  • First-look (if you choose to do so) – 15 minutes
  • Bride & Groom Photos – 45 minutes
  • Bridal Party Photos – 30 minutes


  • Give yourself a 30 minute buffer before your ceremony so you can stash your beautiful self away!
  • IF you choose to do a receiving line PLEASE plan for this to last at least 30 minutes


  • Immediate Family – 30 minutes
  • (If not taken before ceremony) Bridal Party Photos – 30 minutes
  • (If not taken before ceremony) Bride & Groom Photos – 45 minutes


  • As you determine the length of coverage you need, note that 30 minutes of dancing photos tends to be plenty of time!


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