What should I know about choosing a photographer?


I’m glad you asked! When you’re drawn to a photographer it’s likely because of their work. You’ll see their photos and something stirs inside of you that you just want to stare at the photos and soak them in. And that’s great! But just as important is that you like spending time with them. You are going to spend a great amount of time with these people in the big, emotional, intimate moments of your life so you want to make sure you are comfortable with them and enjoy their company.

I attribute the success of my photography to having a great relationship with you. Your comfort and laughter in front of the camera are the result of considering me a friend. I typically become and remain great friends with my couples after the wedding day because of the time we took building a friendship. My couples are down-to-earth, find beauty in the little things, and are simply in love.

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