What will the engagement session be like?


FUN! That’s what it will be like. Let’s plan adventure. What do you guys like to do together? Plan something fun and meaningful to the two of you so you will enjoy your photos that have real memories of a fun day. Have a picnic, go kayaking, grab a beer at a pub, go for a stroll, chat over coffee, go for a hike, catch some wind on a sailboat, sip elegantly at a wine tasting, pass the baseball back-and-forth {does my lack of baseball knowledge show here?} you name it! I love capturing movement and meaningfulness and you’ll enjoy it, too.

As for timing, plan for us to meet up 1 hour before sunset (find the sunset time here: www.timeanddate.com/sun/usa/annapolis)

* Do remember that travel fees apply to locations outside a 1-hour radius from Annapolis, MD.

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