Old Ellicott City Engagement By The Creek || Lauren & Brent

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It’s Friiiidaaaay. And wow what a great segue, that reminds me of last Friday when I met up with Lauren & Brent in Old Ellicott City for their engagement! Thanks for setting me up, self. When I first met these two super hardcore outdoorsy folks they had goggle marks still pressed against their eyes from their morning swim of 10,000 laps (jkjk but it was probably something like that). I mean these two are incredible. Their first blind date was in Tuscon, Arizona (where they both live now) biking a 26 mile climb up Mt. Lemmon. WHAT. Good thing that wasn’t my first date with Hunter because nobody would be interested in me after seeing that LOLOL. For as athletic & achieved as these two are, they’re also incredibly kind & humble souls. The kind of people you could be lifelong friends with in an instant. Since Lauren grew up in Ellicott City, we mixed a bit of nostalgia with outdoorsy-ness for their engagement session. We went for a light walk in the woods by the creek & then meandered through the downtown streets, hanging out & laughing the whole way. Lauren & Brent, YOU GUYS ROCK. <3

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