Quest for Couples in Iceland! || May 7-17 2016

 In Adventuring

Iceland, anyone?

Hunter + I are on a quest to find couples that will be in Iceland May 7-17 this year! Will you or someone you know be there during that time? Shoot me an email at victoria[at]!

We’re pretty stoked to see the amazing terrain and culture of Iceland and want to share it with others with free bangin photos. If you’ve been hanging with me on Pinterest, I’m sure you already know this since I’ve been blowing up your feed with Iceland :). And hey, if this gives you an extra nudge to get up and book a trip to Iceland, do it. We’ll be travel buddies.

For any of you adventurers who have experienced the glories of Iceland, drop me a line on my email or insta and let us know where we should go!



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