Kilgore Falls Picnic Engagement || Karly & Ray

The summer humidity came in full blast last week and I had plenty of eye rolls prepared. Luckily Karly & Ray’s engagement session was perfectly timed and the coolness of the creek water [...]

Nostalgic Nature Park Engagement || Meghan + Ben

When I first met Meghan & Ben over coffee in Annapolis, I instantly became an admirer of their love. They reminisced on their childhood together in elementary school, laughing about how their [...]

Baltimore Museum of Art Wedding || Caitlin + Brian

Surrounded by towering marble columns, Caitlin & Brian vowed their forevers to one another in front of their loved ones & families inside the stunning Baltimore Museum of Art. It was such [...]

Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding || Nicole + Justin

Meet a guy in Germany, gather all of your family & friends back at home, & get married. Happy fairytale wedding to Nicole & Justin! These two sweet souls got married this weekend at [...]

2016 || A Year in Review

2016… am I right? Dang what a year! I’m in awe & a bit overwhelmed as I reflect on what the entire year has held. In a whirlwind of excitement, challenges, growth, and hilarity, [...]

Heavy Seas Brewery Engagement || Rebecca + Adam

What better way to celebrate your engagement than to take it to a brewery! Rebecca + Adam are so laidback and easy to be around, and definitely fun to grab a beer with. These two met playing [...]

Chesapeake Bay Wedding || Heather + Garrett

Heather + Garrett threw one big party this weekend as they tied the knot at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. With the gorgeous views of the Bay Bridge as a backdrop to their ceremony and [...]

Union Craft Brewery Engagement || Kat + Nick

Being engaged is awesome. And having date night is awesome. So Kat + Nick combined the two and had their engagement session at Union Craft Brewery in Baltimore! This city is the heart of their [...]

Baltimore Engagement || Katie + Matt

Katie + Matt are full of laughter, kindness, and goodness. They’re the kind of people you want to fill your life with. These two met in college at the University of Delaware during their [...]

Federal Hill Engagement || Megan + Alex

On one fateful Halloween eve years ago, Megan and Alex’s paths changed course as Megan (dressed as a nerd) realized she was falling for Alex (dressed as an airline pilot) at a Halloween [...]